St. Pete's Premier Cold Plunge Coffee House

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Why we dive in

Revitalize Energy & Elevate Mood

Improve Sleep

Relieve Stress & Pain

Recover Muscles

Burn Fat & Boost Metabolism

Decrease Blood Pressure

Reduce Inflammation

Clear Mind & Focus

Increase Circulation

Support Immunity

Experience immediate benefits after your first plunge! Lasting results from cold water immersion are felt with consistent exposure. Arctic Bath & Coffee recommends incorporating cold plunge at least 2-3 times a week.



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Arctic Bath & Coffee is located on 4th St. N. and 47th Ave. N. in St. Pete

This spa shares a plaza with The Hive Hair Salon and Neuro Massage Therapy Spa. If you’re interested in pairing cold & hot therapies, check out HOTWORX St. Pete – the 24-hour infrared sauna studio that’s conveniently located right next door.

Pair a calm cold plunge with a specialty coffee or tea in the comfort of a warm and cozy robe. You’ll be shivering with excitement for more!